We Are Connected // A Poem Song Video


we are connected

like a doorway

and we are open to each other

soul to soul

sending heart pictures

sending song prayers

across the span of our space

how perfect it is that our

hearts and our love knows no

distance and communicates



the sweet spring in my chest

from which I drink your gifts

the sweet spring in your chest

that I send my gifts to

for you to drink

I can feel the closeness of your

eyes to mine and I know

that your brilliant intelligent heart

spirit is in communion with mine

we are in union

while I am

here praying in the valley of thunder

here in the desert there are

cactus flowers and indian paintbrush

for the hummingbirds to be

nourished by

at the center of aloneness

there is togetherness

from the

thorny barrel cactus comes softness

and sweetness of a pink flower

my mind thinks we are apart


my heart knows we are connected

making love

making movement

sharing our medicines

and sharing our healings

my heart speaks the truth

that love is a messenger

delivering the message of love

love is traveling faster than

anything giving itself endlessly



this love is god’s love

this love is our love

this love is how I speak

to you today

from our heart of hearts

from our home of homes


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