In Flaming Song // A Poem

I keep a fire burning in my heart, a fire lit by my awareness of creator, a flaming knowledge of the life divine. How it radiates a joyous warmth through my chest and cleanses my body cell by cell, how fear and doubt is burned to ash by the blazing light of creator. The deeper I sink into my heart, fear doesn't stand a chance! How this fire communicates in effortless waves of knowing, eternal truth and a supreme will; with thoughtless mind is heard a flaming speech of the holy speaker. How this fire radiates love and compassion, consuming false judgement and prejudice. How this fire connects heaven and earth, speaking the language of the stars and the language of all beings, joining the infinite in a single presence.

Great radiant spirit of life, how you inspire me to marvel at the miracle of existence, how you inspire art of the soul, how you deliver immeasurable gifts endlessly. I breathe because of you, my body lives because of your dancing atomic fire, all is green and glowing because of your heavenly burning sphere, your singing light travels the furthest and fastest, you are worthy of praise beyond measure, oceans of gratitude for a single spark of your truth and my life.

In the morning, I wake to light the flame in my heart, stoking it with my awareness and thoughtless knowledge of your presence. Throughout the day, as consistently as I am able, I tend this fire, unceasingly returning to the warmth in my chest. At night, I give thanks, and fall asleep with my heart ablaze, only to wake again, light a fire, and continue my work, in joy, in love, in gratitude, in flaming song.

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