I Carry My Family // A Poem (Live Video)


I must heal my mother's wounds,

I must heal my father's wounds,

I make no mistake in understanding,

to do this

I must heal my own wounds

and all the rest will naturally unfold,

for I carry

my mother and father,

I carry

what I call myself,

I carry

the weight and secrets of my family lines before me.

I must drop the weight,

I must heal the wound

for my entire family

who is living and laying dormant within me.

I cry my family's uncried tears,

I heal my family's unhealed wounds,

I tell my family's untold secrets;

I am ready to do the work,

and my children will know

a life free of all this,

they will have even more than I

the space in their hearts

to feel connected,

to witness beauty,

to give grateful praise,

to allow joyful and sorrowful tears,

to dance with all changing rhythms,

to love and forgive,

to live their dream.


Performed January 7th, 2020 at Innisfree in Boulder, Co, Usa.

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