Don't Cry

Don't cry, you might be relieved of burdens you carry. Don't cry, you might feel lighter afterwards. Don't share what you are ashamed of, you might free yourself of it. Don't share your shame, you might find that your shame is a common experience. Don't show anger, you might just feel your power. Don't get angry, you might clarify your values and set boundaries. Don't be vulnerable, you might form intimate bonds. Don't be vulnerable, your loved ones might get to know you. Don't play, you might enjoy yourself. Don't play, you might have fun. Don't admit you are tired, you might receive rest and support. Don't admit you are tired, you might surrender to grace. Don't dream, they might come true. Don't dream, you might find passion and purpose. Don't love deeply, your love might heal. Don't ask for what you need, you might just get it.

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