Darkness of Myself // A Poem Video

Updated: Jan 9, 2020


Darkness of myself

that I’ve forgotten how to love

come forward

so that I may get to know you

let me take the time

let me give it back to you

let us be patient together

and find a way into the

deep disturbance

there let us take care of a fire

and set the stones of darkness

glowing from within

there I want to hold you

cry with you

scream with you

spit venom and thorns with you

shed blood with you and

be broken with you

all that has been hopelessly silenced

in me

I want to dance with you

pray with you

listen with you

remember with you

eat bones with you

smell what is rotting with you

see what is dying and dead with you

let go with you

surrender with you

I want to believe in your existence in me

I want to speak to your existence in me

I want to show my partner

my children

my family

my community

I want to show myself

that I can learn to love you

that I can embrace you in love

that I won’t turn away from

all that is crawling through the

depths and scurrying from the light

all that fears to be seen in me

fears to be rejected


driven into deeper darkness

all that has found comfort or pain

in being forgotten

I am working to remember you

I am working loving you

I am woking

to know that

you are me


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