Beaming Eyes of Adoration // A Poem Video


I never want to leave

your side

the flaming garden draws me

nearer to you

we pluck smoldering daffodils

offer them to the fire

within each other

the burning scent of

ember petals warm and

sweeten every limb and

leaf of our lives

each additional second with you

is another drop of eternity

pouring out of the sun and reaching

us through a full moon of our love

when I must go

I walk away golden

and so do you

how we shine each other with

beaming eyes of adoration

how we bathe each other

with our full and connected

god and goddess hearts

how we bring peace to our

busy days in our arm’s embrace


sometimes I must leave

but it is never my desire

only out of necessity

how morning and afternoon gets

washed away by the tides of

our love making

by the massaging of

sand hands on seashell bodies

there are glowing rings that

surround us

our ancestors dance

celebrating our union

no evil will ever come

god is at the center

of our lives

our hearts

we are protected

on all sides

all that can come

between us

love and our trust

for trust is the key to

the doorway of love


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