A Sip Of Eternity // A Poetry Video


Light pours through windows,

traveling to far reaches within,

where thought meets the edge of an abysmal emptiness.

From there all is birthed,

through cosmic mother's invisible womb,

whose center is everywhere yet aloof to the senses.

Great pillars of light flood from an eternal sun

and come up against doors,

like bridges of obsidian fog,

keeping hidden the ineffable vision from dormant forms of nature.

In silent witnessing,

life seems to dance in an orchestrated chaos,

leaving no note unsung in an endless scale.

Entranced by hypnotic play,

forgetful of the one voice that sings forth creation,

swept off by soaring rivers of joy and sorrow,

taken and enamored by the form of the cosmos

and the intimacy of this world.

All the while seated in the adventurer's heart

an impulse from some intangible source,

waiting to awaken in the flesh

and reveal to the eyes what cannot be seen,

and give to the thirsty spirit a sip of eternity's unfathomable ocean.


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